Our Goal:

  • To encourage the most talented local Candidates to match with leading Employers in their local   area. Even in today's job climate new
    Computer Manufacturing, Health care, Clerical  Administration, Human Resources, Banking etc.,  jobs are becoming available every day.

  • Even in today's job climate new Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Clerical Administration and Human Resources jobs are becoming
    available every day. Clients motivated to offer Candidates a real career and future are hiring Search and Placement firms to research and
    recruit the right local Candidate to help build their business.

  • These Companies believe in their communities and are interested in getting its most talented members to join them; adding value and
    stability to the local community. We salute these companies and work very hard to find them the very best Candidates to fill their positions.

  • Whether you are looking for a Full-time or Consulting position, rest assure that our commitment to our Candidates goes beyond simply
    placing them in their ideal role. We will work with you to find the right company and career opportunity to meet your current needs and
    potential growth.
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Doing a lot of interviewing and not getting hired?
Send your resume and interviewing questions to: info@franklinpaterson.com .
We will email answers to your "getting the job" questions within one day of receipt.

Some often asked questions are listed below:
How do I handle salary?
The company dress code is business casual - do I wear a suit to the first interview?
I have not used the technology recently, but I have kept up to date by reading, what do I say?
Should I send a thank you note and to whom?
Morning or afternoon when is the best time to schedule my interview?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Want your resume to standout? What should be in winning resume, what should you take out of your current resume?
Should your resume be two pages or m ore? Well that depends ?
Franklin Paterson can help you update or a create an appropriate professional resume.
Call or email Jill for help, she will review, redesign or help you prepare a brand new resume.
Call her at : 888-886-4342 or Email her at: jboston@franklinpaterson.com

Our service to our Candidates is confidential.
We will help you redesign, pare down or highlight yourskills.
Help you prep for your interview.
We do not process your application and resume through external job sites or databases; nor do we sell, or trade your information to others.
We take precautions to protect your data from loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or disclosure.

Already posses a suitable resume:
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